How the body works

The function of sleep.

It may come as a surprise to you, but sleeping is actually a productive activity, despite the fact that we lay there still. As the brain gathers data throughout the day, learns new skills and forms daily events into memories, it requires time to sort and organize. This occurs while we sleep. Our brains go… Continue reading The function of sleep.

How the body works

What is Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease occurs when the kidney's lose their ability to function.  Normal Kidneys  help the body regulate chemicals, water, blood pressure and help to filter toxins. Kidney failure (whether acute or chronic) is when the kidneys lose their ability to function properly. This can occur for many reasons, including: Infection Blood-clotting disorders Diabetes Decreased blood… Continue reading What is Kidney Disease

How the body works

The function of the kidneys

The powerhouse of the urinary system, the two bean shaped organs known as the kidneys are located in the upper abdominal cavity and rest against the back muscles.  Some of the key functions of the kidneys are: Waste removal: The job of the kidneys are to remove toxins, waste, excess salts and urea out of… Continue reading The function of the kidneys