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What causes dark circles under your eyes

We’ve all experienced it. Those dark circles under your eyes that sneakily appear after a late night. But, is lack of sleep really the only reason?

Aside from fatigue, which is an obvious one, here are a few more reasons why you might be seeing dark circles under your eyes.

1. Dehydration – check the amount of water you are drinking (or not). When our bodies become dehydrated, the skin becomes dry and less elastic. The skin under the eyes is thin, and so dehydration can cause the skin to become more transparent, hence dark circles.

2. Stress – of course, with times of stress comes lack of sleep. But, stress also causes the body to direct blood to vital organs amongst wreaking havoc in other areas. This can make your face seem paler, hence making dark circles appear more prominent.

3. Iron deficiencyAnemia is also a common cause and one that affects more woman than men due to monthly menstruation. The lack of oxygen or red blood cells can cause dark circles. If you suspect anemia or iron deficiency to be the culprit, visit your healthcare provider.

4. Allergies– a stuffed up nose can lead to swelling of blood vessels near your eyes, causing the skin to appear darker.

5. Aging – yes, as we age our skin becomes less plump and elastic. The loss of fat and collagen can make the vessels under the skin appear more prominent, thus giving you the appearance of dark circles.

Makeup aside, there are a few things you can do to help your dark circles. Stay hydrated, make sure you are sufficient in B12 and iron, stop smoking, exercise to help blood circulation, and eat green leafy vegetable for a boost of vitamin K.

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